… this year has been fraught with challenges, except that I have had NO problem keeping it watered. 😮  But prolonged cold and wet weather has delayed me somewhat, and I really wanted to do more this year.  I am doubling my raised bed planting space, as you can see from the work-in-progress in one picture.

This first picture obviously isn’t a gardening shot, but I did buy the sorely needed mat at my nursery.  😉  Anabelle gives it her paw of approval, obviously hoping I’ll let her out to try walking on it herself.


Every year, I do a pansy flower bed in this same spot.  Early each Spring, I’ll consider doing something different because there are so many choices and fun ideas to play with.  Then I get to the nursery and I succumb yet again to the allure of pansies.  They just make me happy.  Trillium, much revered in Michigan, lurk just under the bleeding heart which I have since had to cut back.


From foreground to the back:  potatoes, carrots, radishes, Brandywine tomatoes, Esmeralda lettuce, and peas.


Hanging from the eave of my porch, the hardy Calibrachoa.  It HAS to be hardy if it’s going to live with me.  This is my favorite color with this plant, but I love the choices.


Oh sweet lilacs!  These were about to pop when I took the pictures Friday or Saturday.  Monday and Tuesday’s temps in the mid-90s finished them off before they got to peak.  😦  But the scent was amazing when I buried my greedy little nose into the branches.



Next week, I’ll try to post pictures of the herbs and such that have gone in since.  🙂  Gardening is absolutely a form of creativity, and I am becoming increasingly addicted.  😀