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This was my first attempt at a wallhanging, which might explain why it’s about the size of a lap quilt LOL!  I don’t have the knack yet of “small”, and kept adding on.  It finished off at about 41″ x 52″.  The tutorial on the slightly unconventional one-seam flying geese is here.

The fabrics are from Lila Tueller’s “Santorini” line, and as Lila is one of my friend Michelle’s favorite fabric designers, the quilt HAD to go to her.  The backing is the exception, having come from Ms. Tueller’s “Soiree” designs.

This has been my lunchtime sewing project at work, but I can rarely sew on a daily basis here, so it took a while.  (My poor, patient friend!  She must have thought I was weaving my own fabric, after growing, spinning and dyeing it all, of course.)  It never came home until it was time for the thing to be sandwiched and finished off.  In this way, I’d hoped to keep the cat hair textural interest to a minimum, but am not sure I succeeded.




Borrowing a tip I saw a while ago on The Quilt Show, I wrapped my assembled binding around an empty TP roll and set it all on my thread cone holder.  This kept things dispensing in an orderly fashion and prevented me from being strangled, or at the very least, tripped by my own 200″ binding as often happens.  The cats, not having a retreating strip of fabric to chase, were understandably disinterested and for once, nowhere in sight while I was sewing.