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So when I was in the Cincinnati area a few months back for the International Quilt Festival, I stopped in at one of my favorite quilt shops, Cabin Arts.  On a little shelf near their fireplace (how cute is that) a book called The Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt caught my eye.  I flipped through it, and was smitten in short order.

The book is a compliation of letters that were inspired by a question posed in 1922 from “Farmers Wife” magazine:  “If you had a daughter of marriageable age, would you, in light of your own experience, have her marry a farmer?”  Laurie Aaron Hird culled over 40 of the more poignant responses, and assembled a collection of appropriate blocks.  This is her version of this quilt:

(Her publishers apparently have a problem with her providing any larger of an image, but you get the idea.)  111 blocks set on point, and full of possibilities.

I was delayed getting started, due to a complete inability to settle on fabric choices.  I did not want to replicate the above… too dark and brown for my taste much as I love the design.  Some quilters are using 30s Reproduction fabrics (aka feedsack) and those projects look just delightful.  For my taste, and existing stash, I settled on a sort of pastel-y, shabby chic look.  The bulk of my fabrics are from Moda’s old Faded Memories collection by 3 Sisters.

Just today, I completed my first block… a rather tricky (for me) Cut Glass Dish.  Only 110 more to go LOL!

This is a project I am working on on my lunchtime, sewing on my shiny black Singer 301 (c. 1949.)  It just seemed appropriate to use this machine for this quilt LOL!