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So after starting this quilt maybe a year ago, I had worked on it sporadically.   I got as far as the first six blocks in the book.


But I just felt BLAH about it.  I liked (and still like) the fabrics I chose for it, and the generally shabby chicness.  I just couldn’t feel excited about it, and decided to re-think my plan before devoting any more time and effort on this project.

Before going with these fabrics which I’d already had in my stash, I had played with the idea of using 30s Reproduction/Feedsack fabrics.  Ultimately, I decided that that was my preference after all.  I loved the crispness and the variety of small prints so necessary to this quilt design.  I assessed my 30s stash.

It appears I have enough to make a good start with.  I can continue to add to my collection, and will stick pretty much to the color palette seen here.  Feedsack fabrics seem to be falling from favor somewhat, at least from dwindling choices at both online and bricks-and-mortar stores.  I am not concerned; between eBay and Etsy, I should be able to supplement for well into the future, and I have never bothered about fabric trends. 😉

Last week, I finished my first block in the new prints – the admittedly challenging Cut Glass Dish (the first block in the book.)

It’s a start.

The six blocks from my initial attempt will be augmented with coordinating large floral prints and turned into a doll quilt.  🙂