FOR TODAY … 8 August, 2012

Outside My Window… heavy, multi-colored clouds.

I Am Thinking… this week is moving along rather slowly, e.g., “It’s only Wednesday??”

I Am Thankful For… my new computer coming today!!!!!!!! More on this later. 😀

From the Kitchen… eating a lot out of the garden.  Hubby made amazing stuffed peppers from our homegrown pablanos.  Now that we polished a round of those off, we are back to tomato sandwiches on artisan bread with various toppings, oils, vinegars, and fresh garden herbs.  I love this time of year.

I Am Wearing… black ruffly tank, stripey knit cardigan, light khakis, and enough Brighton jewelry to make even me happy today. ;-p

I Am Creating… well on my way along piecing my summery Sandcastles quilt; about one-third of the way on hubby’s crocheted scarf.  (He might actually have it in time for winter this year!!)

I Am Going… to do something outside this weekend!  Nice relief in temperatures will have us in the 70s for a few days, and once the rain has moved off, we will play.

I Am Learning… having mastered the double crochet stitch, I just bought more practice yarn (and a slightly largely hook), to work on triple crochet.  Am finding that keeping my hands busy with crochet really calms me and helps me focus.

I Am Reading… spontaneously re-read “The Secret Garden” over the weekend.  I don’t know what made me pull it out (off of my iPad), but it was so comforting on a rainy day.  Always a classic…


I Am Hopingthat my daddy completely heals in the wake of surgery for a detached retina, and that my parents will still have time to fully enjoy their European sojourn. (Also thankful for the kind and competent care he’s received in Denmark.)

I Am Hearing… traffic, paper-shuffling (elsewhere in the office; clearly, I’m not doing any work at the moment.)

Around the House… been staying pretty on top of things, but the garden could use a good tidying up.

One of My Favorite Things… my hand-turned crochet hooks made from exotic hardwoods.  Here is an example:


A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… need a haircut; general outdoor frolicking.

Something That Made Me Laugh this Week…  Some scenes from the movie “Mirror, Mirror” which a friend brought by over the weekend.

My Picture Thought … the lovely town of Vejle in Denmark.  Denmark is relatively flat, so this hilly area surrounding a fjord makes for an unusual and appealing landscape.  It was also fun to drive through. 😀