Number 34 in the book, of course… only No. 5 for me LOL!

I paper-pieced, most grumpily, the first four blocks.  As I have said, I cannot argue with the results, but I do not enjoy the process.  And if nothing else, quiltmaking should be enjoyable!  So I elected to just use templates and piece this block by hand… no paper backing in sight.  I was pleased with how quickly it came together, and how my handsewing skills (after the first two seams or so), don’t appear to have deserted me entirely.  I also like how quickly the sewing can be whisked in and out as the opportunity allows.  I do have a sewing machine tucked out of sight but conveniently close at hand in my office at work, but setting it up requires more of a commitment than my lunch time, etc. may allow.  If I only have 15 minutes or so of leisure, this is far more practical.   I think my sixth block will also be pieced by hand.  🙂

As with all Farmer’s Wife blocks, the unfinished size is 6.5 inches square.