I’ve been playing with teaching myself crochet over the past year or more, learning various stitches and such.  This is the first piece fit for public consumption, mostly completed over a year ago.  Completed except for knowing what to do with the ends, of course!

YouTube to the rescue… there are a number of excellent how-to videos for crochet in all shape and form and process, so it was easy to dig one up, buy some yarn needles, and dig in.

I am very proud of my potholder/dishrag/Barbie blanket LOL!  Mr. Bun also approves, apparently.  If not, he was kind enough to say nothing about it.

P.S.  I am working also on scarves, one for hubby and one for me, but naturally had to pick more difficult fibers to work with, rather befuddling to the newbie… organic cotton which separates strands if I breathe on it wrong, and a very fuzzy, stretchy and easily tangled alpaca.  But both fibers feel very yummy, and we’ll just wear our scarves beneath our coats.  ;-p