FOR TODAY … 16 December, 2011

Outside My Window… heavy grey skies, unusually dark considering there’s no snow or rain on the way.  At least the ice finally all melted out of my driveway.

I am thinking… that if AT&T touts two-day Priority Shipping, it ought not to take 4-5 days for me to get my new cellphone!  (Impatient much?  Yes, yes I am.)

I am thankful for… the prospect of a trip to Florida in less than two months – a winter event I can look forward to LOL!

From the kitchen… going out tonight, but we are thawing a chicken for hubby to smoke-roast this weekend, served with a unique white BBQ sauce.  Most yummy.

I am wearing… blue and white checked shirt, khakis, dark brown boots, and a silk scarf from Bali bought from Novica.com.  Fabulous store!

I am creating… basting my Sunshine State quilt, hope to get quilting on that this weekend.  Also added a few more rows to an alpaca scarf I am crocheting for my hubby.

I am going… to the car wash.  Poor salty and dirty red card.  😦

I am reading… “Ivanhoe”, and getting much further with it than I did when I was 14 LOL!

I am hopingthat our dear friend is able to get her new car quickly, so we can get ours back! 😀  Being a one-car family for three weeks has been… interesting.  😉

I am hearing… the soft trickle of our cats’ water fountain.  It’s very quiet at home today.  🙂

Around the house… finished doing a bit of cleaning, not too much to worry about.  I would like to clean out my flower beds, and probably can this weekend now with a break in the rain (that actually occurs when I’m NOT at work.)

One of my favorite things… my grandma’s old piano (actually was my dad’s when he was a boy, but it was in Grandma Elly’s home for all the years I knew of…. 1909 Steinway.)  Gonna play on it tonight, I think.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… haircut tomorrow, followed by dinner and karaoke at some lovely friends’.

My Picture Thought … I wanted/needed a teapot for work so I could share my brews occasionally.  “Pristine” brand teapots from England are becoming increasingly difficult to find, other than Made in China (which I refuse to buy.)  I want the real thing… made from good English clay, typically from the Staffordshire area.  Anyway.  I found this on eBay, listed by a seller in the UK.  Their listing, its terms and conditions specifically, were absolutely hilarious, and had the color not enticed me to buy, their humor would have LOL!  But I do like the color: