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After a bit of hiatus from this project (caused by the fact that a mistake frustrated me so badly), I have returned.  😀   I knocked this one out a few weeks ago.

Since I detest paperpiecing and didn’t want to take the time to hand sew, I tried something else.  Using the templates I had printed which did not include seam allowances, I used double-stick Scotch tape to adhere them to the wrong side of the fabric before cutting; I held the fabric up to the light to see where things fell so that I could fussy cut the larger green triangles.  (I do have a wonderful lightbox, but it’s at home, and this is a lunchtime workplace project. 😉 ) Then I just cut out from the fabric an extra 1/4″ all the way around, and sewed right up against the paper’s edges.  Not completely perfect, but at least my points are intact. ;-p  I may try this method again.

The idea was born out of my mishap, referenced above.  I had hurriedly cut out all my templates to take with me to Florida along with a few fat quarters.  On a quiet evening there, I discovered that template AND fabric had all been sliced with NO seam allowances.  The fabric was lost, but I didn’t want to waste my templates, so adapted them to the method above.

And here are the six I have completed to date.  Only 104 to go…