The last pictures from my February trip to the Clearwater area, the sort of miscellaneous images that didn’t fall under previously posted entries.  😉


There is a wealth of massive pin oak trees in my parents’ neighborhood.  Looking overhead,  I could only be reminded of a literary quote of Helen Keller’s.   The impression she had from her teacher Annie Sullivan’s descriptions of the large trees overhead suggested strongly to her the image of “lace against the sky.”  I think she had it pegged.  😉




Something about the white sand and deep impressions accentuated by the shadows of late afternoon made me think of a lunar landscape in this shot.




Mr. Turtle in the same area as some of the waterfowl captured in my previous Birds of Florida post.  I believe he was sharing this pond with the morehens.


A couple of shots of a quintessential Florida landscape.  (When reading “The Yearling” as a child of about 9, this was the setting I visualized in my head.  I thought a story about a foundling fawn set in Florida must be a wonderful book.  It was my first literary disappointment, and I never forgave the librarian who suggested it to me. 😉   )



I can’t think when statuary has ever made me feel as happy as this ensemble didIsn’t it wonderful?  My pretty mom is in the background.


Gulf of Mexico surf on a pearly grey day, and yes, the water was as cold as it looks.  Sad, as it was my only day to frolic at a beach on this trip – but “they” say that a bad day at the beach is still better than a good day at the office.  I can’t disagree.  And no, I will NOT be posting any pictures of my frolicking. ;-p