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A blog?  I have a blog??  One wouldn’t think so, given the prolonged silence hereabouts, for which I apologize.  Several factors were at least partly to blame, including torn ligaments in my right wrist about two months ago.  Do you know, healing ligaments really hate it when you ply a rotary cutter?  Found that one out the hard way, and set things back a bit.  So with so little sewing taking place, there wasn’t much to share.  I did however manage an escape to Northern Michigan (northwestern section of the Lower Peninsula) in May, so have a bit (0kay a LOT) to share.

I thought I’d start with some images from my two old hometowns thereabout… Charlevoix, situated right on Lake Michigan, and my especially favorite town, East Jordan.  As I have previously shared numerous images from here, I’m confining myself to shots of the churned up water and graceful swans.


East Jordan is situated where the South Arm of Lake Charlevoix peters out into the Jordan River (not the one of Biblical fame), off to the right in this frame. Swans have long lingered here and it is more common to see them than not, here at this boat launch.



Sort of looking north-ish, and in the direction of my old house, up on a bluff across the way…


A very peculiar Spring cheated us of a lot of blooms downstate as far as fruit trees, but in Charlevoix, I found this lovely (outside of a quilt shop, which I shall write about on another day.)


Much of the western coast of Michigan is blessed with dramatic dunes, most especially to the south of here. But there is a bit to see looking up the shoreline from Charlevoix to Petoskey. I am on the southern of two piers which flank a channel, leading from Lake Michigan through Charlevoix and into Round Lake. Sadly, I did not get a good image of the drawbridge which connects the two bodies of water, but I will next time.)


I never tire of the play of water over rocks, in this case the breakwater lining the pier, nor that amazing color…





Freshwater ocean. I do believe Wisconsin is out there… somewhere. 😉


Looking at the lighthouse and pier I was standing on the shots above, from the powdery beach.


Next post will feature a new favorite quilt shop in Charlevoix!