I do not understand how in my one or two trips a year to this area, I have somehow overlooked this gem of a quilt store.  She has been here for about four years!  Thank goodness for my Country Register which clued me in.  Don’t we crafters adore this regionally-based resource??  Anyway, welcome to Hearts to Holly.

Its location on Mason puts it a few blocks south of the drawbridge (and west off of US31) for anyone who knows the area.  On this lovely Spring day, it was a treat to discover the charming store front.




The separate building further back houses their classroom.


Apologies for the general fuzziness here… apparently I was a little excited (and using my cellphone for most of these.) ;-p




Love how they swagged this cheerful quilt top!


The welcome and service were outstanding, and it was a treat just to spend some time (and not TOO much money – honest!) at this terrific, cottage-y shop!