Just a quick shot of where I’m at with the Sandcastles quilt.

I cranked out a number of large (12.5″) pinwheel blocks when I was up north, in different colorways.  There are also some 300+ triangles cut out to date, though I have since completed more since taking this picture.  These were all cut using templates as guides, which I find more cumbersome than just working with straight measurements.  I’m whiny anyway, cuz cutting fabrics is my least favorite part of the quilting process, but the end is in sight; piecing should come together quickly.  I must have been doing an okay job, as my quilting inspector curled up for a nap half under the table while I was working.


Also wanted to share these funky yarned hangers my mother-in-law passed along to me.  My husband vaguely remembers her working on them, possibly some 30 years ago.  What I love is that before recycling and repurposing were in vogue, those with common sense and a strong artistic bent like my mother-in-law gave nasty wire hangers a whole new life.  I, guiltily, throw these out.  I hate wire hangers, and not just because I saw “Mommy Dearest” when I was kid.  😉  Somehow the collection altogether like this in bunches of vibrant colors make me so happy, and I LOVE how well they grip some of my more slippery blouses and such.  Actually, not all are yarn; a few were braided beautifully with contrasting satin ribbons.  With my mother-in-law’s typical flair, she adorned almost every hanger with a pom-pom or fabric rosette, depending on the medium used to cover the hanger.




My closet has become much more cheerful-looking!