My favorites every year – alpaca! These reside at a farm quite close to my house, Dream Catcher Alpacas. That is the mama of this picture, and she was NOT camera shy.

The two wee ones you can barely see always stayed close to mama. They are about two months old here.

Um, wait a minute… why do they look, well… possessed?? (Stupid flash.) Creeping me out. I’d better go to another part of the barn.

Oh no… glowy eyes here too! I’m getting out of this place….

Ahh… much better LOL!

They were quite pettable. 🙂

A much-loved spot in which to sit and rest and, yes, snack. 😉

One element that is never skimpy is the beautiful botanical decor!

Oh yes, I think I could live here. 🙂

I’d love to try this at home!

Yes, pickings were slim, but I still managed to spend money. 😉 The two smaller skeins are both alpaca, which isn’t the easiest yarn to work with, but sure feels nice! And I adore beeswax candles.

My favorite spinner, happily, was there again this year! I love how she combines fibers.

Not sure yet about next year.  Hopefully things will improve! 🙂