In late September, I went once again to this event, having looked forward to it for months.  While the event has gradually declined somewhat in size with the Michigan economy (our recession began several years before the nation’s did, with struggles in the automotive industry), I’ve still always found plenty to entertain and encourage me in crafty pursuits.  Unhappily, not so much this year.  The event has dwindled to hosting a mere 18 vendors, and where once tents and booth were spread far and wide, there was barely one single aisle, and much of previously occupied land was simply cordoned off.   It used to be a lovely site in which to just stroll and explore, even if you never looked at a skein of yarn.  I believe that the organizers have done a poor job promoting the event… rarely, if ever, have I seen flyers in local yarn or craft shops, and neither the event nor the commercial sheep farm are on Facebook.  They seem to rely mostly on word of mouth, and it’s not working anymore.  We’ll see what happens next year.  😮

Anyway, with that whining out of the way, it was at least a nice weather day, which has often not been the case LOL!


The morning glory vine was in bloom and just beautiful.

The roof spider has always tickled my fancy when I descend into the main area. 🙂

This little pavilion has for years (at this event) housed a local honey producer, and I was sad to have missed them. 😦  Since I know they are still in business, they must have simply skipped the Festival.

As I said, it was a gorgeous weather day and nearly 80 degrees! Warm for late September, for sure, but an improvement on the 50s and drizzle of years past LOL!

A regular annual fixture is this great bluegrass band. While bluegrass is not my cup of tea via radio, etc., they are always delightfully fun and entertaining. I guess it’s better when you’re outside on a gorgeous day, sipping cider, and hearing the bleating of local residents. Perhaps the animals are singing along?


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