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So after long periods of fiddling around with non-fabric stuff, I am starting a new quilt.  I bought this pattern from In Color Order (Jeni Baker) some months ago and was just waiting for the right quilt idea and right fabrics to come together.


The right fabrics turned out to be “Apple of my Eye” from Riley Blake.  They were purchased, and lovingly packaged, from Sew Fabulous.


One published quilter, whose name unfortunately escapes me, mentioned how she always mixes fabrics up – not using just those from a single line in the same quilt.  She felt it added more contrast, punch, variety and unexpectedness to her finished projects, and when I saw her work in a magazine, I had to agree.  So I pulled in a few fabrics already in my stash to also break up the continuity of a single line and colorway of fabrics; hopefully they will also play nicely together.  😉