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So way back when, on a weekend in late February, I began this project.

That same day, my hubby’s foot exploded (figuratively, but the plantar fasciitis/bone spur rendered him and it useless), and ensuing weeks saw me scurrying to do his work and mine around the house, my own work work, plus taking care of him as his mobility was so limited.  And so the project, in its infancy, sat.  Problem was, I had a deadline!  One of my besties was graduating high school this Spring and her party was to be April 27; so in late March as normalcy of sorts resumed, I finally buckled down back to it.


Throughout April while I was piecing, my machine was giving me fits with terribly convoluted jams.  No doubt it could do with a professional cleaning and servicing, but I couldn’t spare it long enough to do so, and had to limp along.  I’d removed the quilt top to address one of these episodes of thread vomiting, but at least I knew the quilt wasn’t going anywhere.


One week left, and I’d finished the top.  Five days to go, I was basting (and being closely inspected.)  I don’t pin baste, as you may notice below.  I find it difficult to sew around, impossible to sew through if necessary, my thumb gives out after the first 20 basting safety pins, and I worry about scratching up my sewing machine.  But threadbasting is time-consuming, make no mistake.  😮  Even when an animal isn’t lying on the quilt.


I had the binding machine-sewn to the front with 24+ hours to go, but lost a bit of time as my mother-in-law had arranged to take us out to dinner for our anniversary that evening (at T minus 20 hours.)  Three hours later, I raced back home, got into pajamas, and resumed hand-sewing the binding to the back of the quilt; I made myself take my customary small stitches, trying not to rush though I was ever aware of the advancing hours.  Did you know, a 65″ x 81″ quilt finished with 1/8″ stitches = 2336 stitches (give or take)?  That’s not including extra stitches for the mitred corners.  Yes, these are the sorts of fun math games I like to play with myself during such times. ;-p  Hubby stayed up with me as we watched movie after movie, but he peetered out at 4.  At 5:30, the end was in sight, but I groaned when I heard the birds begin chirping.  At 6:00 on the dot, the very last stitch went in, and I numbly climbed upstairs to my bed.

But it was finished and it was cheerful and I think my dear friend likes it. 😀  Also, it has been cat-tasted and Anabelle-approved, though I did my best with the lint roller.  It’s a happy quilt for a sunny, happy day.  Her party was lovely.



My friend is making a really cool career working with horses; the theme/motif for her party was to be sunflowers.  Ergo, the backing 😉 (thank you, e-Quilter!) :


I really loved the binding fabric, which I’ve had in my stash forever:


Enjoy, girlie!


Dimensions: 65 x 81 inches

Fabrics:  Mostly “Apple of my Eye” from Riley Blake Designs, with a bit of Kaffe Fassett and some other miscellaneous prints for variety

Pattern:  Vintage Nine Patch, by Jeni Baker